Stefan Granlund was born on a island called Åland near the gulf of the Baltic sea,
but later moved to Stockholm as a young teenager.  

A method actor who loves keeping his body in shape. He is a big believer in the
well-known mantra of “healthy mind healthy body” 

Caught the acting bug when he was in high school, participating along with his
classmates in a few school acts.

His love for acting really became a true passion later in life. Which means, that
he started his career later than your average actor. He has been pursuing his
passion for a few years, even though it has not been the easiest thing to do.


He is the perfect example of a true fighter within the Entertainment industry. 

Granlund, has a great work ethic, and has an amazing positive attitude towards
everyone he’s ever worked with. He is always ready to deliver the very best. 

He understands the process and the journey that it takes, for a film or a TV-
project to complete and he is with you from start to finish. 

He is willing to do more, than what is needed, to guarantee that he fulfills you’re
vision and gives you the creative freedom and energy that is needed to make it 
all happen, along with you. 

It is easy to say that; Stefan values “team work” 

He is very easy to work with, takes directions very well and speaks both
English and Swedish.

This is also the reason people continue to choose to work with Stefan Granlund 
and hire him over and over again.

Some of the more well-known Swedish projects Stefan has been involved with are:
Beck, Gåsmamman 2, Advokaten and Innan vi dör - Very popular Swedish
crime/thriller series. 
Comviq - Short movie directed by Josef Fares. 
BabyBjörn and Libero - Internet and TV commercials. 

Café Bärs and Bonusfamiljen - Swedish
comedy TV Shows.


Lenght: 182 cm.
Weight: 78 kg.
Measure: Neck 41 cm, chest 112 cm, waist 82 cm and hip 90 cm.
Suit: Jacket 50 and pants 48.
Jeans 31/32.
Shoe: 43.
Hair: Darkbrown with grey sprinkle.
Eyes: Darkbrown.
Age: 43.

Special skills: License; Cars and motorbike.

Fighting skills: Boxing and Kickboxing. 

Language skills: Swedish and English.  

On my free time i am also a personal trainer and health guru.


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